Social Impact

At Yolllo, we believe that everyone deserves a chance to be happy, to do work that is meaningful and satisfying, to realize his/her full potential, and to be financially secure. Yet many people are forced to choose between being happy and being financially secure. It’s as if they don’t have any choice to be both at the same time. And that’s a tough trend to change (which is why Yolllo was created).

During the pandemic, this trend only got exaggerated. Millions of people around the world lost jobs, many people were forced to adapt to working from home and managing their households with limited resources.

Isolation, social distancing, forced time at home without the ability to travel or even move around freely, stress, fear, heightened responsibilities, uncertainty and not knowing what tomorrow will bring… These are only some of the issues that our society had to deal with. And it’s not easy to handle, especially if your financial wellbeing and health are under constant threat. We get that.We really do.

As a company, we are dedicating our resources to solving these issues. We are committed to making a real difference. “How?” – you may ask. By providing our proprietary Yolllo membership platform that includes the world’s best training and development tools so that anyone can re-educate and re-train themselves to be able to work online.

In addition to that, by providing a career of the future (Digital Content Producer) and an actual online workplace where everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed, to be happy, and to create a lifestyle that does not have the common limitations of the traditional employment.

Two of the biggest problems that the global community faces coming out of the pandemic are loneliness and depression (and a bouquet of other mental health issues). Social isolation, extended quarantines, working remotely in an environment unfit for such work, and various other stress factors have caused people a lot of problems.

At Yolllo, we are committed to connecting our members with like-minded people on our platform. We help them to establish genuine, meaningful connections, create new relationships, and find new friends. We help them build interpersonal communication skills, improve their emotional intelligence, and sharpen their mindset. We are also providing the tools that help people generate income from working with digital content.

Imagine being compensated for the time that you scroll, swipe, like and repost??? This isn’t a dream anymore. At Yolllo, we have created a way to be able to do just that.

It’s our firm belief that by combining various technologies that we are all so familiar with and creating an ecosystem where people can be rewarded for doing things that they already know how to do we can create a true win-win scenario. A scenario where people are leveraging their social media skills and working (providing expert opinions, promoting, rating) with digital content to generate real income.

We see a future where Yolllo members are not only more financially secure but also more self-aware, more resilient, and more confident in what tomorrow brings. We see our members as active members of their local communities, contributing to growth and development of other people around them. We see our members being happier, more fulfilled, and connected.

We see a future where our members can make a living (generate income) of their choice, travel more freely, spend more time with their families and friends, all while being able to do their work from a mobile device. We see a future where our members know how to overcome adversity and successfully navigate any challenges that life will inevitably bring.

We believe it is our responsibility to share our know-how with as many people as possible to better the world around us. Together we can achieve true happiness and economic prosperity. Together we can reshape the way work and life interact with each other, ultimately creating more balance and happiness for everyone.